Help us make H.R.Haitch: A Right Royal Musical Comedy

It’s been a bit quiet around here the last few months, but Shrapnel is rocking back into London with a brand new show!

H.R.Haitch is a brand new musical by Luke Bateman and Maz Evans that is performing at the Union Theatre from 9th May – 2nd June 2018. We’re creating the show in collaboration with some of the original team, including Iris Theatre‘s artistic director Daniel Winder, and original lead Tori Allen-Martin.

London, 2011. The Olympics are doomed, the East End is being gentrified for houses no-one can afford, Amy Winehouse has died, and Adele’s released her second album. It’s been a tough year.

But, in a world where Kim Kardashian can’t stay married for a whole TV series, love has blossomed between feisty East Ender Chelsea and dopey toff Bertie. He’s never going to win Mastermind, but he won Chelsea’s heart when he boned her trout at catering college.

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Earlier this week, we also launched a crowdfunding campaign for the production. We want to make this the best production it can possibly be, but it’s physically impossible for us to achieve everything we can purely based on ticket sales.

Please consider supporting us… you can find out more information about it here, and get your hands on some exclusive perks for doing so, too!

Thanks a ton!

Our Kickstarter campaign runs until April 7th and it’s all or nothing – if we don’t make the money then we don’t get to keep any of the pledges. So please help us out if you can – for more information check out the campaign page.

H.R.Haitch runs from 9th May – 2nd June at the Union Theatre. Click here to get your tickets!


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