Previous reviews: Get Your Sh*t Together

For those who weren’t in Edinburgh this summer (really, something happens outside of Edinburgh in August?), you may have missed the buzz around Deadpan Theatre‘s first musical. But a buzz it had, playing every day at the Underbelly Cowgate venue just before midnight each evening. Here’s a summary of some of the amazing reviews the show got, which we’re now delighted to be bringing to the Landor Theatre this September.

Broadway Baby by Louise Jones
13 August 2015


“Job losses, painful break ups and junk food – set to music! Get Your Shit Together is the perfect pick me up for 20-somethings in a similar situation, or just a nice dose of Schadenfreude and melody for anyone who already has their shit together… The lyrics are witty, the scenes quick and snappy and the sense of humour integral to keep matters of unemployment and heartbreak nice and light.”

Fringe Review by Arnoud Breitbarth
21 August 2015


“This new musical is a hidden comical gem, with sharp and witty writing, fresh melodies and a cast that sings and acts brilliantly… The duet ‘Caj and Cool’… comes close to musical theatre perfection: enchanting lyrics, exciting music and electrifying acting.

“Get Your Shit Together is a lovely feel-good show that reminds you that it’s never too disastrous to start over again. Great new writing with an impressive cast, that deserves to be seen.”

Edfringe Review
★★★★ by Fergus Morgan
★★★★ by Dominic Spirra

“A well-written and brilliantly-scored show, which marries its catchy yet characterful songs with a quirky, off-beat humour. The whole show is brought joyously to life by a polished and talented cast. Directors Jude Mack and Max Kirk deserves enormous credit for shaping the production into such a heady cocktail of laughter and melody.” (FM)

“Executed in truly hilarious fashion, with catchy and hysterical songs scattered throughout… The piece was performed expertly from start to finish, each and every cast member conveying a command of the stage and emanating a comic energy throughout. Great songs, intelligent writing, superb acting and comic timing: an ideal introduction to The Fringe. A must see.” (DS)


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